Larder Lake Marina

Float your Boat!

The Township operates one marina on the shores of Larder Lake in the town site at the intersection of Ninth Avenue and Commissioner Street at the south end of the public beach.

The marina, built in the 1980s, has a public launch.

Our marina has 38 boat slips and every summer all slips are filled. This marina helps give Larder Lake its reputation as a recreational destination. People come to our town to fish and relax on the water and are able to use public facilities to do so.

Contact us to acquire a slip.

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Public Notice

Intent to pass User Fees By-Law

At the April 9th, 2024 meeting, Council discussed the proposed 2024 User Fees for the Township of Larder Lake. Council has granted authority to introduce the proposed rates. The amended user fee by-law will be brought forward at the May 14th, 2024 RCM.

If adopted the proposed rates would take effect June 1st, 2024.