Building Department

Building Permits

Building Permits must be obtained before any construction project. Building Permits are for the safety of the home owner and any future owners of the property and provide information to MPAC in order to keep property assessments current.

Demolition Permits

Demolition Permits must be obtained before any structure, over 108 square feet, is demoed or moved off of a property. Some farm buildings may be exempt from this but please contact us for more information on farm buildings.

It is your responsibility to call for inspections when required. These will be listed on your permit.

When Do I Need A Permit?

Building Permits are required for:
  • any addition to an existing structure
  • any new structure 108 square ft or more
  • porches or decks 24” or more in height
  • carports or garages
  • structural alterations to existing buildings
  • moving or lifting an existing building
  • installing a woodstove or fireplace
  • adding windows or doors
  • increase in size of existing windows or doors
  • creating an apartment
  • altering or adding plumbing


Demo Permits are required for:
  • demolishing any structure 108 square ft or more
  • moving any structure 108 square ft or more. Example: removing a shed off of your property
Sign Permits
  • Any and all signs require a Building Permit except for:
  • signs for regulating traffic
  • signs in display windows
  • small directional signs
  • signs painted directly on a building

When Is A Permit Not Required?

  • detached decks less than 24” in height
  • detached structures less than 108 square ft
  • replacing roofing (shingles, tin, etc.) or siding
  • replacing windows and doors of the same or smaller size (no change in header)
  • interior walls, floors, ceiling or finishes
  • weeping tiles or tarring a basement
  • replacing current plumbing fixtures


Always check before starting any project to determine if a Building Permit is required or to find out about local zoning or by-law requirements.

Local utilities such as hydro, gas and telephone operate independently from the municipality and need to be contacted regarding specific approvals and inspections.

Ensure you know where utilities are located before starting to dig. You can obtain line locates by calling 1-800-400-2255.