Integrity Commissioner Code of Conduct

By-law No. 1679-18

Being a By-law to establish A Code of Conduct for Council, members of committees and members of local boards a council-staff relations policy and an Integrity Commissioner Inquiry Protocol.

Complaints Alleging Violation of this Code

Where a member, a municipal employee, officer, or a member of the public has reasonable grounds to believe that a member(s) has contravened this code, a complaint may be submitted to the Clerk’s department in prescribed form which will be forwarded to the Municipality’s Integrity Commissioner who will process it in accordance with the Integrity Commissioner Inquiry protocol. The Complaint may also be submitted directly to the Integrity Commissioner in the event that such office is readily accessible.

Where a Member is found not to have contravened this code, the Municipality is authorized to protect that Member against costs or expenses incurred by the Member as a result of the complaint proceedings.

Please use the form below to file a complaint and return to the Clerk’s department or by to