Hydro One Vegetation Maintenance Program

 Hydro One is scheduled to complete vegetation maintenance on the right-of-way in your community in 2021.

Hydro One performs routine maintenance to ensure the safety and reliability of our power lines. This work is essential to prevent unnecessary service interruptions, allow easy and safe access for our crews to perform emergency repairs on the power lines and to keep the right-of-way safe for public use.

The work on the right-of-way in your community will include the removal of incompatible vegetation, including brush (vegetation less than four inches in diameter) and dead, diseased or hazardous trees. Vegetation that requires removal will be marked with orange paint/tape and the vegetation that requires trimming will be marked with blue paint/tape. If trees are removed from your property, all wood will be left on-site. In areas where there is a higher density of brush, mechanical equipment may be used.

A low-volume government-approved herbicide, Garlon (Registration #29334 or 28945) may be selectively applied by our licensed staff to certain cut stems or leaves, to prevent regrowth.

If you have any questions regarding the planned work, please contact Trevor Guindon at or by email at trevor.guindon@HydroOne.com. If you are a tenant, we ask that you forward thisletter to the property owner.

Thank you for your co-operation as we complete this important work.